You are the EXPERT. 

Create a custom training Camp for your
Athletes at camp elevation

You've got the content, the experience and the relationships; we've got an amazing physical location. Use Camp Elevation to bring all the pieces together. Perhaps altitude training and mountain vistas are a wrinkle you want to add to your athletes' training experience. We have taken the guesswork, logistics and stress away to allow you to do what you do best: elevate and motivate.   Use Camp Elevation to create a team bonding experience that will create cohesiveness while giving you the opportunity to pass along the vital information your athletes need to take their training to the next level.  For the price of a few hotel rooms, you can use Camp Elevation to create the optimal small group training experience.   

Whether you coach Runners, Mountain Bikers, Road Cyclists, Kayakers, Triathletes, Ultra Runners... you name it; we can make it happen. Camp Elevation is situated in the heart of epic trails, dirt roads, with access to the Arkansas River.  

To book a private camp you must have 6-8 people people in your group you are willing to pay for each of the 4 rooms.  Customization is also available just ask us.

General Information:

  • Rooms cost $250 at night and can sleep 1-2 people.  
  • Breakfast is include breakfast
  • A guide that can show you the local trails
  • More customization is available but prices vary depending on the amount of work and preparation 
    • We can provide all the meals and snacks.
    • We can create all the routes you need, based on your specifications 
    • We can help guide the routes you select. Depending on the route 
    • We can set up rafting, fishing and other side trips that your group is interested in doing.
    •  We can set up yoga classes, massage appointments, strength classes and other add-ons to make the experience unique and memorable. 

Contact us with the form below – we’d love to toss ideas around and help create the unique trip of a lifetime!

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