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Buena Vista, CO

Meaning “Beautiful View” in Spanish, Buena Vista is located in the Upper Arkansas River Valley. There are numerous things to do in Buena Vista, and it is a mecca for rafting, hiking, fly-fishing and camping. In fact many consider Buena Vista to be the capitol of whitewater rafting in the United States. The Arkansas River offers beginner to advanced rafting adventures in addition to world class fly fishing, kayaking, and more.

Salida, Co

The Colorado mountain town of Salida, 24 miles south of Camp Elevation, sits in the middle of the state, literally in the "Heart of the Rockies," about 2 hours from Colorado Springs and 3 hours from Denver. It is a welcoming Western retreat for everyone, from the solo outdoors adventure seeker to couples yearning for a romantic escape or families who wish to ‘Play and Stay’ in the glorious Rocky Mountains.

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Leadville, Co

In the 1890s, everybody who was anybody had been to Leadville, or so the story goes. Leadville is 32 miles from Camp Elevation.  The discovery of gold brought the first miners to this two-mile high city, but it was the discovery of silver that made Leadville the nation's wealthiest city at the time. When Oscar Wilde entertained his audience at the Tabor Opera House, more than 40,000 people lived in Leadville! But those of us who live life elevated think there is no better or more legendary place on earth to be.